January Slug Removal

With the cool, moist environment of winter Tunnel Gardening, come slugs in the garden. I am an organic gardener, so I avoid chemicals in my garden. Even the “all natural” bait “Sluggo” has become controversial but there are some easy and effective ways to deter slugs.

Last year, my slugs were fairly abundant for about 6 weeks and I just washed my greens well. This year, even with all my harvesting, I have found only two. The only thing I have done so far, is to put pine mulch in my garden. Slugs prefer alkaline environments, not acid ones. Pine mulch does two things: the needles are sharp and hard on slugs, and it acidify’s my naturally alkaline soil.

I might also try adding cornmeal or Epsom salts to my dirt. You could also try coffee. I love using natural products that are safe for my chickens and my children.